Sunday, December 21, 2014

3 of My Records' Favorite Albums of 2014

The three most important words in music for 2014.

(Click links for album details/reviews.  Mostly* comprehensive Spotify playlist below.)

*Thom Yorke and Spotify don't play well together.

20.  You're Dead by Flying Lotus
Genre: Experimental Electronic
Label: Warp
Album Highlights: "Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)", "Dead Man's Tetris (feat. Captain Murphy and Snoop Dogg)", "Coronus, the Terminator"

19.  I Never Learn by Lykki Li
Genre: Indie Pop/Rock
Label: Atlantic
Album Highlights: "No Rest For the Wicked", "Gunshot", "Never Gonna Love Again"

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock
Label: Transgressive
Album Highlights: "Adult Diversion", "Archie, Marry Me", "Next of Kin"

Genre: Alternative/Indie Electronic
Label: Partisan
Album Highlights: "Hey Mami", "Dreamy Bruises", "H.S.K.T."

Genre: R&B Instrumental/Funk
Label: Daptone
Album Highlights: "Into the Fog", "The Sticks", "Trail of Tears"

Genre: Indie Electronic/Experimental
Label: Self-Released
Album Highlights: "Guess Again!", "The Mother Lode", "Nose Grows Some"

Genre: Neo-Psychedelia/Experimental
Label: Rocket/Sub Pop
Album Highlights: "Talk to God", "Goatchild", "Gathering of Ancient Tribes"

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock/Electronic
Label: Arbutus
Album Highlights: "Way to Be Loved", "Blind Faze", "Outside"

Genre:  Rock/Garage
Label: Sub Pop
Album Highlights: "Rainbow's Run", "Madness", "Eddie's Song"

Genre: Rock/Alternative
Label: Last Gang
Album Highlights: "Right On, Frankenstein!", "Virgins", "Trainwreck 1979"

Genre: Rock/Alternative
Label: Matador
Album Highlights: "All the Rage Back Home", "Breaker 1", "Tidal Wave"

Genre: Indie Pop/Electronic

Label: Because
Album Highlights: "The Upsetter", "Love Letters", "Boy Racers"

Genre: Electronic Pop/Shoegaze
Label: XL
Album Highlights: "Chasing Shadows", "So Now You Know", "Change Your Mind"

Genre: Garage Punk/Neo Psychedelia
Label: In the Red
Album Highlights: "Disorder", "Mountain", "Plank"

Genre: Indie Rock
Label: Anti
Album Highlights: "Inside Out", "Outlier", "New York Kiss"

Genre: Indie Rock
Label: Domino
Album Highlights: "Had to Hear", "Talking Backwards", "Crime"

Genre: Indie Rock
Label: Secretly Canadian
Album Highlights: "Under the Pressure", "Red Eyes", "An Ocean Between the Waves"

Genre: Indie Electronic

Label: 4AD
Album Highlights: "Tempest", "The Wheel", "Bloodflows"

Genre: Indie Electronic/Experimental

Label: Twin Group
Album Highlights: "In the House of Yes", "Blush", "Out of the Dark"

Genre: Rap
Label: Mass Appeal
Album Highlights: "Oh My Darling Don't Cry", "Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)", "Angel Duster"

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