Sunday, December 21, 2014

3 of My Records' Favorite Albums of 2014

The three most important words in music for 2014.

(Click links for album details/reviews.  Mostly* comprehensive Spotify playlist below.)

*Thom Yorke and Spotify don't play well together.

20.  You're Dead by Flying Lotus
Genre: Experimental Electronic
Label: Warp
Album Highlights: "Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)", "Dead Man's Tetris (feat. Captain Murphy and Snoop Dogg)", "Coronus, the Terminator"

19.  I Never Learn by Lykki Li
Genre: Indie Pop/Rock
Label: Atlantic
Album Highlights: "No Rest For the Wicked", "Gunshot", "Never Gonna Love Again"

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock
Label: Transgressive
Album Highlights: "Adult Diversion", "Archie, Marry Me", "Next of Kin"

Genre: Alternative/Indie Electronic
Label: Partisan
Album Highlights: "Hey Mami", "Dreamy Bruises", "H.S.K.T."

Genre: R&B Instrumental/Funk
Label: Daptone
Album Highlights: "Into the Fog", "The Sticks", "Trail of Tears"

Genre: Indie Electronic/Experimental
Label: Self-Released
Album Highlights: "Guess Again!", "The Mother Lode", "Nose Grows Some"

Genre: Neo-Psychedelia/Experimental
Label: Rocket/Sub Pop
Album Highlights: "Talk to God", "Goatchild", "Gathering of Ancient Tribes"

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock/Electronic
Label: Arbutus
Album Highlights: "Way to Be Loved", "Blind Faze", "Outside"

Genre:  Rock/Garage
Label: Sub Pop
Album Highlights: "Rainbow's Run", "Madness", "Eddie's Song"

Genre: Rock/Alternative
Label: Last Gang
Album Highlights: "Right On, Frankenstein!", "Virgins", "Trainwreck 1979"

Genre: Rock/Alternative
Label: Matador
Album Highlights: "All the Rage Back Home", "Breaker 1", "Tidal Wave"

Genre: Indie Pop/Electronic

Label: Because
Album Highlights: "The Upsetter", "Love Letters", "Boy Racers"

Genre: Electronic Pop/Shoegaze
Label: XL
Album Highlights: "Chasing Shadows", "So Now You Know", "Change Your Mind"

Genre: Garage Punk/Neo Psychedelia
Label: In the Red
Album Highlights: "Disorder", "Mountain", "Plank"

Genre: Indie Rock
Label: Anti
Album Highlights: "Inside Out", "Outlier", "New York Kiss"

Genre: Indie Rock
Label: Domino
Album Highlights: "Had to Hear", "Talking Backwards", "Crime"

Genre: Indie Rock
Label: Secretly Canadian
Album Highlights: "Under the Pressure", "Red Eyes", "An Ocean Between the Waves"

Genre: Indie Electronic

Label: 4AD
Album Highlights: "Tempest", "The Wheel", "Bloodflows"

Genre: Indie Electronic/Experimental

Label: Twin Group
Album Highlights: "In the House of Yes", "Blush", "Out of the Dark"

Genre: Rap
Label: Mass Appeal
Album Highlights: "Oh My Darling Don't Cry", "Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)", "Angel Duster"

Sunday, December 14, 2014

...To Remedy the Weekend Blues (Sunday Morning Jams)

3 of My Records:

Charade [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] by Henry Mancini (1963)
Crying Time by Ray Charles (1966)
Waltz For Koop by Koop (2001)

Chosen By: David D.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Why These 3: A fine remedy for the weekend blues.  Also, "Bye Bye Charlie" (Charade) is the saddest song ever written.  "Tears" (Crying Time) is the second saddest.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

...That Prove You Really Can Please Everyone.

3 of My Records:

Live at the Harlem Square Club, 1963 by Sam Cooke (1985)
Big Echo by Morning Benders (2010)
Girls Can Tell by Spoon (2001)

Chosen By: Ian P.

Location: Denver, CO

Why These 3: It's the discerning vinyl collector's worst nightmare: your coworkers, inlaws, hipster friends and some random neighbor are all at your house. None of them listen to the same music. WHAT TO PLAY!? The risk here is that you err too far towards "inoffensive" and end up playing something that no one actually, you know, ENJOYS. Instead, you should just play these three so you can move on to the next heart attack: what beer are you going to buy?