Tuesday, November 11, 2014

...That Prove I Love a Good Anthology (And That I Can't Control Myself at the Record Store).

3 of My Records:

Anthology by Marvin Gaye (1974)
Wave of Mutilation by The Pixies (2004)
An Introduction To... by Elliott Smith (2010)

Chosen By: Lori S.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Why These 3: The thing is, going to the record store is really, really hard for me.  I try to only go once a month, and I try to only buy one record.  Because I have a tendency to get caught up in all the hunting (and therefore overspending), I have taken to (gasp) buying from Amazon. In a record store, I feel like if I find it, then the stars have aligned and I can't fight fate. 

Internal monologue as I am walking into the store: "You can do this.  Head straight for the album you've been eyeing.  Do not look around. You are a baller on a budget. Just get that one record."  

Internal monologue as I open the door: "Oh good, there's that album. Is it hot in here?  Why am I sweating?  Wait... is that what I think it is??? No way, is it really?  A used anthology record? A USED ANTHOLOGY! OK, let me think.  I have gas in the car. I've paid my bills.  If I buy an anthology, it is like a bargain because I am getting the greatness of an artist at the low, low price of $20. Life is so hard sometimes.  I basically deserve this."

The sheer joy/guilt I feel when I leave takes me straight to a junky convenience store to buy a six pack of coors light.  (Yes.  Coors light.  Whatever, I really like it.)  By the time I've finished those beers and listened to the anthology a time or two, I realize I left the originally intended purchase at the record store. 

I'll be stronger next time.

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