Wednesday, November 26, 2014

...That Dominate My New (Old) Grundig Console.

3 of My Records:

On the Corner by Miles Davis (1972)
Blue Train by John Coltrane (1957)
Kind of Blue by Miles Davis (1959)

Chosen By: Jake S.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Why These 3: These sound great and compliment a glass of scotch perfectly. They make me feel like a more sophisticated person, even though we all know I'm not. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

...That Prove I Love a Good Anthology (And That I Can't Control Myself at the Record Store).

3 of My Records:

Anthology by Marvin Gaye (1974)
Wave of Mutilation by The Pixies (2004)
An Introduction To... by Elliott Smith (2010)

Chosen By: Lori S.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Why These 3: The thing is, going to the record store is really, really hard for me.  I try to only go once a month, and I try to only buy one record.  Because I have a tendency to get caught up in all the hunting (and therefore overspending), I have taken to (gasp) buying from Amazon. In a record store, I feel like if I find it, then the stars have aligned and I can't fight fate. 

Internal monologue as I am walking into the store: "You can do this.  Head straight for the album you've been eyeing.  Do not look around. You are a baller on a budget. Just get that one record."  

Internal monologue as I open the door: "Oh good, there's that album. Is it hot in here?  Why am I sweating?  Wait... is that what I think it is??? No way, is it really?  A used anthology record? A USED ANTHOLOGY! OK, let me think.  I have gas in the car. I've paid my bills.  If I buy an anthology, it is like a bargain because I am getting the greatness of an artist at the low, low price of $20. Life is so hard sometimes.  I basically deserve this."

The sheer joy/guilt I feel when I leave takes me straight to a junky convenience store to buy a six pack of coors light.  (Yes.  Coors light.  Whatever, I really like it.)  By the time I've finished those beers and listened to the anthology a time or two, I realize I left the originally intended purchase at the record store. 

I'll be stronger next time.

Friday, November 7, 2014

...For When My Wife Leaves the House and My Volume Hand Gets Itchy

3 of My Records:

The Monitor by Titus Andronicus (2010)
In the Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson (1969)
Onwards to the Wall by A Place to Bury Strangers (2012)

Chosen By: Ian P.

Location: Denver, CO

Why These 3: Let me start off by emphatically stating that my wife is great. In addition to enjoying a lot of the same music as me, she even manages to tolerate my annoying habit of occasionally spending a stupid amount of money on records. But. Sometimes when your job and traffic and people and responsibility and whiskey happen, antisocial noise levels need to follow. That's where these three come in.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

...I Want to Listen to While I Chop Vegetables For A Stew, or Sit and Contemplate the Fallen Leaves I Should Rake

3 of My Records:

Strychnine Dandelion by The Parting Gifts (2010)
Son of Schmillsson by Harry Nilsson (1972)
The Velvet Underground & Nico by The Velvet Underground (1967)

Chosen By: Clint M.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Why These 3: After the brutal grind that the excess of summer eventually becomes, I'm ready for a change of tempo. In autumn, I want a record to listen to while I chop vegetables for a stew, or sit and contemplate the fallen leaves that I should rake. That is to say, I'm not exactly at my most punk rock. The Velvet Underground is kind of a no brainer for shorter days and longer shadows. The Parting Gifts present a perfect soundtrack for a cool weather stroll with someone soft who may smell of pumpkin spice. If you can't get into Nilsson by a fire with a nice scotch--well, I can't help you.