Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Your Tuesday Morning Random Album Recommendation: "$" by Mark Sultan

Artist: Mark Sultan

Album: $

Release Year: 2010

Label: Last Gang (2010)/Mark Sultan (2012?)

Genre: Rock, Psychedelia, Noise Rock, Doo-Wop

For Fans of: The King Khan & BBQ Show, 1950's and early 1960's rock, Nobunny 
DISCLAIMER: Mark Sultan is notoriously easy to make incorrect comparisons with in terms of similar artists.

Perfect For: Solo thrashing, Partakery, Occasional air guitaring/drumming, exfoliation of brain

Album Highlights: "Icicles", "Go Beserk", "I Am the End", "Misery's Upon Us"

The Non-MJR Review

*The album is currently unavailable for "legal" download from the major vendors, so Grooveshark is your best bet.  It's a bit illusive, but a GREAT album worth listening to (and finding on vinyl is possible!)

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