Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Playlist of the Week: Airport Commuter 9 (Boston)

I met Leslie Nielsen once.  At an airport.  But I was a kid and had never seen "Airplane!" and thus couldn't whip him with my schtick. And now he's dead.  Missed opportunities rarely stop stinging.

From the point at which I just typed the word "From", I've got fifteen minutes before I need to head to the airport.  I'm flying American today, so pray extra hard for me, eh?  On the bright side, headed to Boston for a couple days.  I will eat seafood and drink lager.  And if the fine folks at a certain "institution of higher graduate learning" have an issue with me being drunk during my presentation--well, of course I'm being ridiculous.  It's Boston!  They'd probably be offended if I WASN'T drunk.  Right?

Here's the music that will take me on my journey south to DFW (so dumb) and on to BOS and back.  Remember that if you listen to this playlist, it's like we're in Boston getting hammered together.  In spirit.  That's called intimacy.

There are TWO ways to listen to this playlist!  The Spotify version of the playlist is located directly below the track listing. Not a Spotify subscriber?  No problem. Directly below the Spotify playlist, an 8tracks playlist (requiring no subscription) is also found below.  Just press the 'play' button on the box and rock.  (Works on computers or mobile devices.)

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