Wednesday, June 5, 2013

QMJ: The MJR Top 5 Albums of 2013 Weekly Standings and 3 Thoughts/Facts/Opinions/Lies/Kneejerk Reactions

Tracks from this week's new #1 include: "Looking For Love", "Heart of Darkness", "Fill the Blanks" and "Half Lives".  Yeah.

The MJR Top 5 Albums of 2013 Weekly Standings (which may or may not be in a particular order and are subject to wild changes upon the author's whim)*

*Spotify links provided when available

1.  After Dark 2 by Various Artists (Last Week: 5)

2.  We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic by Foxygen (Last Week: 1)

3.  ...Like Clockwork by Queens of the Stone Age (Last Week: 3)

4.  The Flower Lane by Ducktails (Last Week: 2)

5.  Trouble Will Find Me by The National (Last Week: NR)

Other contenders: MCII by Mikal Cronin, OutRun by Kavinsky, Floating Coffin by Thee Oh Sees, Amok by Atoms For Peace, Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend, Curiosity by Wampire, Specter at the Feast by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Last Week: 3)

3 Thoughts/Facts/Opinions/Lies/Kneejerk Reactions to Music This Week

1.  I've been told that I might have been a bit too harsh on the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memories.  So many people whose opinions on music I respect truly seem to love this album.  With repeated listens, I'm at a place where I think the album is okay.  Any attempt to muster more affection for the album at this point though would feel completely disingenuous.   

2.  GREAT piece from the The Guardian (UK) asks the question: Are streaming services ultimately robbing us of our old music listening joy?  I've spoken several times about the odd relationship many of us have with Spotify.  I love the "test drive/easy share" capabilities of it.  But as I replied to my Twitter friend who posted this article--many of us who love music have a conflicted relationship with Spotify. But far too many are surrendering to it altogether.  Translation: Physical formats still matter.  The computer complements your music experience but does not suffice as one.

3.  Per the Blogger Terms of Service, I am legally bound to reference the Red Wedding*.  Neat idea that I saw somewhere else on internet--create a Red Wedding playlist.  I may have to accept this challenge...

*If you've never read and/or watched Game of Thrones and think there's ANY chance you might, do NOT Google "Red Wedding".  DO NOT.

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