Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Playlist of the Week: Summer-ish Birthday Boy

To the center of my birthday cake where all roads meet waiting for you.

Nearly my entire life, I've gone along with the narrative that I am a summer birthday boy.  I think that's how my mom used to make me feel better about being held back after my first stint in Kindergarten.  I wasn't dumb, she said.  I was just a bit too young compared to the rest of my class.  Or I was too rad for all of those other kids to handle.  Or I was too cute or somesuch.  And this was all tied back to being a "summer birthday".

But really, summer doesn't start until June 21st--a full 48 hours after my birthday.  And this isn't some sort of Obamacare hippie liberal gay agenda thing.  Apparently, summer has ALWAYS started on June 21st!

I found this out a few years ago and felt like one of those kids who finds out they're adopted.  I mean, who am I?

Anyway, the point is that really I'm a "spring birthday".  Yuck.  Thanks for betraying me, Mom.  I think I'll just say I'm a "summer-ish" birthday boy.  So without further ado...

Happy Birthday to me.  Happy Birthday to me.  Happy Birthday, dear Raw-uhb.  Happy Birthday to me!

For my birthday, I'm giving myself an extra track.

And unexpectedly, Janet Jackson.  More on that later.

For now, enjoy some summer-ish jams.  For my birthday.  I mean, what else do I have?

 iPad, iPhone, and other smart phone users, click here to play the playlist (if you don't have Spotify installed).

Spotify version of the playlist is located below the track listing. Not a Spotify member?  No problem. An 8tracks playlist (requiring no membership) is also found below. 


  1. Ha! When I saw the reference to Miss Jackson, I subconsciously assumed you'd chosen "Together Again." I didn't realize this until I was surprised by "That's the Way Love Goes." What does it all MEAN???

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