Friday, February 15, 2013

Playlist of the Week: Songs for My Indiana Valentine's Day

Full disclosure: It wasn't actually snowy in Indiana for once.  But this makes a better photo.  And Indiana needs all the aesthetic assistance it can get.

So this is a day late.  Mainly due to work and Delta's annoying habit of providing me with planes whose WIFI service is "unfortunately unavailable on tonight's 3 hour flight even though we know we told you it would be available, but get over it because as Louis CK observes, flight is a MIRACLE and you should stop bitching so much because can you imagine how long it would take you to drive from Detroit to Oklahoma City or what if you lived back in the 'olden' days and had to hitch a wagon?  You'd be dead.  DEAD!  Probably of dysentery or malaria or any other malady you remember from playing Oregon Trail as a kid.  So shut up, read your "book" on your iPad you pathetic yuppie and suck it up.  Be a man, for once in your sad little pampered life.  Jerk", I wasn't able to get this Valentine's-y entry done on the actual proper day.

However, I shall not be deterred.  I'm balls deep in WIFI in this coffee shop and my belly is full of allegedly "gourmet beans" and certainly unwavering conviction.  Happy made-up holiday to all you lovers and non-lovers and self-lovers/loathers out there!  I thought this holiday was ridiculous when I was single and though I'm happily "taken" (a term that always makes me think of a "certain set of skills"), I call some bullshit on this day.  Having said that, the day is what it is and while I feel like I love and am loved pretty damn well the other 364 days of the year, the holiday aspect at least provides a designated platform to pontificate on the nature of love, relationships, the lack thereof, and the predicament we find ourselves in either way.

But I won't do that here.  The rest of the stupid web can euthanize you with all that.  This is a music blog and I do my best to keep my illusions of grandeur to a level I can at least pretend to maintain with a straight face.  I love music.  I love God.  I love people.  I love pizza.  I love scotch.  I love the simple pleasures of David Spade and Batman comics.  And I love that I travel for work and get a chance to miss and be missed.  I love you for making it this far into this post.  And I love that the time for your reward has come.

Here are twelve songs I love, old and new, that "loved" me through a trip I didn't love to Indiana on the day we "celebrate" love which led to me posting this the day after the day we "celebrate" love.  Love.  You.

Spotify playlist below the track list. Not a Spotify member?  No problem. An 8tracks playlist (requiring no membership) is also found below.  

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