Friday, September 21, 2012

Playlist of the Week: A Dozen Lives For Your Consideration

Danger, adventure, and rough edges contained herein.

A dozen absolutely postively live tracks.  And a dozen notes to accompany:

1.  Live James Brown is reason enough to get a record player if you don't already own one.
2.  Neko Case has the best and most interesting female voice going for my money.  Not all my money--but a lot of it.
3.  Okkervil River on two playlists in a row, I know, I know.  Just trust me.
4.  Maximo Park: infectious Newcastle sound.
5.  "Sweet Jane": Live > Studio.
6.  "Rhinestone Cowboy".  Radiohead.  What could I possibly add?
7.  Evidence that Jack White is capable of melting your face off with his guitar when so inclined.
8.  Totally forgot how I acquired this initially. A song that willed its way into my collection. And my heart.
9.  Nick Cave's complicated, beautiful dance with God is a wonder that never ceases.
10. Otis Redding was 25 when this was recorded.  Listen and wrap your brain around that.
11. Not sure my heart could withstand the force of nature that is Portishead live--but I'm willing to try.
12. Few bands' live cuts are so consistently full of haunting, irresistible dread as those by Joy Division.

Too many "rarities" to create a Spotify list this week.  I recommend you check out the 8tracks playlist below which is NEVER missing any songs!
Everyone else, press the play button in the box below the track listing.

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