Friday, August 17, 2012

Playlist of the Week: Weekender 2

In pursuit of alternatives.

This playlist was almost "Airport Commuter 8".  I certainly am airport commuting myself into oblivion these days.  But alas, this is my third of five consecutive days at home and not in an airport or on a plane next to that guy who took the advisory to turn off all electronics so seriously that he got up, went to the overhead where he had crushed his bag on top of mine, found his iPad in sleep mode and turned it off and I'm thinking, "Really, man?  F'ing, really?" as the flight attendant looks at this man with utter disdain while pondering how her once promising life has come TO THIS--watching this old fart delay our takeoff because he somehow fears that his iPad in sleep mode is going to bring down the plane and I am suddenly taking said flight attendant up on her previous offer for a drink which at this point needs to be scotch or I'm gonna choke this old dude out because combined with the tight connection I'm now facing due to an unrelated delay, I will be running through the Minneapolis airport in these black loafers while granted--this isn't as bad as last week when I actually had to exit security at DFW due to a bomb threat and deal with this prick cabbie who charged myself and the other passengers $20 for a 2 minute ride from Terminal A to Terminal D--all so that I can probably get through security JUST in time to miss my 35 minute flight home to OKC and be forced to spend the night at an airport hotel with no extra clean underwear which I usually pack but get oddly conservative with my packing at non-ideal times but who really cares since I'm a guy and the societal bar of hygiene is clearly set lower for us and no one will even know except me and while I'll loathe myself just a little more than I did the day before because of it, if it hadn't been this it would've been something else but luckily I DID make it only to have them delay the flight in order to wait on the other travelers who had been stuck in Terminal A due to the bogus bomb threat and I'm thinking that that's nice and all, but geez, I busted my ass to make it here on time and these people aren't as industrious as me and really don't deserve the selective sympathy that American Airlines hands out so arbitrarily.  So you know, I decided to focus on my weekend instead.

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