Friday, August 24, 2012

Music Jerk Rob's Top Tracks of 2012 (So Far)

No great discovery is made without digging through a load of crap first.

Go ahead and click here to start playing Music Jerk Rob's Top Tracks of 2012 playlist.  It makes the short reading to follow that much easier to take.

We're only a few short months away from the annual circle-jerk deluge of music-centric year-end best-of list-making (I've never used so many hyphens in a single sentence) by a thousand different pundits/critics/bloggers out here in the great lame frontier that is the internet.  And while this is a spectacle of sport and exhibition I love and contribute to, it's important to note that none of it (except what you see on this blog) should be taken too seriously.  It's music.  It is there to be enjoyed more than analyzed (though I reserve the right to analyze at my own discretion--read the terms of service).

With that said, there's still a fair amount of sifting that music blogging martyrs like myself must engage in to get to the really good stuff and get it your way.  And while I'll still produce a few year-end posts on my favorite albums and tracks of 2012, I figured now might be the time to give you an idea of what I'm enjoying most (assuming you care because you're reading this and/or are bored and/or are ready to pounce on and ridicule me later and/or like most instances in life these days, you're ready to outsource the work you ought to be doing to form your own opinions on things, but luckily the internet can do the work for you!) so far in 2012.

If I've learned anything over the years, its that some of the strongest music found will come in the fall and winter months, so the playlist linked above is certainly a work in progress and one that will continue to grow and evolve throughout the remainder of the year.  A few notes:

1.  I built this playlist in Spotify so that if you wish to, you can subscribe and listen to more good music as I find it.

2.  As I've noted several times before, Spotify is not NEARLY as comprehensive as I'd like and thus there are two glaring omissions from this list--tracks I really loved from both Kill for Love by Chromatics and Leaving Atlanta by Gentleman Jesse.  Spotify simply doesn't have these albums available at present.  I strongly encourage you to buy these two albums--both of which are sure to figure strongly in to my albums of the year list/discussion moving forward.

3.  I am limiting this list to three songs per artist.  Just because there aren't more than three tracks by a single artist displayed here doesn't mean there aren't more than three songs I love by that artist on their 2012 releases.  It is simply a way of keeping the list to a manageable length.

So enjoy yourself real hard.  I appreciate any of the feedback, suggestions of other music I should be checking out for 2012 and even your hate mail.  Enjoy the weekend, kids!

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