Monday, May 7, 2012

Playlist of the Week: Airport Commuter 6

Tuesday's carrot.  And the end for which I am justifying this trip's means.

This week's destination: Fort Myers and Naples, FL
Airport Code: RSW
Connecting City or Cities: Dallas (DFW), Houston (IAH)

To answer the most common questions I'm asked these days, here goes (in no particular order).

1.  I don't know, I just do it.
2.  It's really not that bad.  Sometimes it's great.
3.  Whenever it slows down, I guess.
4.  Because I'm grateful to have a job.
5.  Not once.  Close.  But not yet.
6.  Some of it is very accurate--but would be more accurate if I looked like Clooney.
7.  Yep, I've got a lot of miles.
8.  Of course, just like everyone else does.
9.  Yes, I sure do feel lucky not to have a wife and kids.  That would be a huge drag.
10. Sometime in July, I think.  And this time, I don't think I'll tell anyone other than my parents where.
11.  Top 5--Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit (I'm surprised by this one, too.)
12.  When I get a better offer.
13.  Nashville, January 2012.
14.  Wrigley Field.
15.  Lafayette, Louisiana.
16.  At least once a month.  My dark features apparently fit some sort of "profile".

Music I will be listening to as I fly above your heads and sprint through America's airports that you should also consider filling your headspace with:

Everyone else, press the play button in the box below the track listing.

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