Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playlist of the Week: Blue Ash, Vol. 2

It's chili.  Even if it really isn't.

Today is my final day back in Blue Ash, Ohio--home of the company who sends me on airplanes across America and a suburb of Cincinnati.  Other than the more direct confrontation with the "corporate America" side of my life, it's a nondescript, controlled, relatively non-threatening place.

I work, I eat, I have a drink, and I go to sleep in the less-than-comfortable bed at the local HGI where I eat the same breakfast, watch the same TV, and see the same people.  And while all that sounds bad, this place is only guilty of being exactly what it is.  While never endearing, it certainly isn't offensive.  My scheduled stay is almost always just as long as I can stand it.  My mind goes through periods of intense professional focus here, followed by bouts of scatterbrained-ness.

So this week's playlist is informed by a focus on new discoveries with sudden random detours into disparate music indulgences.  There is no theme, no real continuity, no real mission.  But it really is its own kind of great because it is organic and informed by nothing more than my own whims.  And in these nondescript, black and white weeks that fill the gaps between significant colorful life milestones, that's something.

Everyone else, press the play button in the box below the tracklisting.

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