Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Playlist of the Week: Amalgamationeering

Best of luck in your seemingly unconquerable fights, my friends.  For it is the effort and not the outcome that counts the most.  And if you do perish while fighting an actual monster, it makes for a hell of an obituary.

The monsters we create are both a reflection of and remedy for our humanity.  The power of the mirror.  The power of the cleanser.  We create them or confront them so that we can both acknowledge our true nature as well as fight for or against something.  Anything.  A noble pursuit in a world of increasing indifference and relativism.

Now I honestly don't know where all "that" came from.  I just started typing and my fingers and brain did the rest.  Let's just go with it.  When this logic is applied to these little musical concoctions I like to birth, sometimes I need to rock hard.  Sometimes, I need to rock less hard.  And sometimes I need a little of both all joined together so that I can reflect and rebel and release and convict and collapse and embrace and even giggity if need be to the beat of drummers who are not me.  

And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  And lately I realize the mishmash amalgamation of my non-themed playlists--those collections of songs without any truly discernable shared characteristics--are a reflection of my internal chaos.  Which sounds like a bad thing.  But in reality, such chaos is the greatest reflection of and remedy for my humanity.  

For me, music is a gift from on high.  And while I would never dare to make assumptions about what music is or isn't for any one of you, I can only say that for me it is an antidote for the inclination to reside too exclusively in my own head.  And if these playlists are sometimes flawed monsters in terms of a lack of structure, logic, or design, I say "so be it". I know that for me they are vital and right and honest.  Besides, I didn't get my Master's in Rad or my PhD in Tastemaking just to keep it to myself.  In short, you're welcome.

No Spotifty playlist this week since they're missing too many tracks.  You'll survive--I just know it.

Everyone else, press the play button in the box below or listen via the free 8tracks app (iPhone and Android).

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