Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Thursday Video Reward: "To the Sea" by Mint Julep

Artist: Mint Julep

Song: "To the Sea"

The Non-MJR Review

Year of Release: 2011

Random Thoughts: Mint Julep may just be my new Real Estate--that band that some people have heard of but--in my opinion--not nearly enough and I think I'll just have to keep bothering you until you give them a real listen.  With Real Estate's latest album Days garnering so much critical acclaim last year, I feel I can give my full focus to promoting Mint Julep.  For all the reasons that many of you love Washed Out (in addition to that hot album art), I think so many of you will love Mint Julep.  Textured, layered sheets of dreamy soundscape that build and build until they're carrying you--this Portland duo add a layer of dark urgency that keeps your attention and rewards more and more upon additional listens.  The new video for the single "To the Sea" captures the elements of conflict and quest for liberation present in so much of their music.  The pulsating camera effects, suspended-in-mid-air figures, and insertion of literary works all arm the arsenal for Mint Julep's dream pop visual creation.  Enjoy.

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