Monday, November 28, 2011

Playlist of the Week: Rawkhawker

The only method of getting music out in to the world more awesome than owning a record label? If I could shoot it through my super-powered talons.

Most of you reading this have been Facebook/Twitter-whipped with all the details by now, but here are the basics, just in case:

1.  I co-founded a record label called Okie Dope Records with my hetero-soul mate, Clint McEwen.

2.  A couple awesome Oklahoma City bands--The Boom Bang and Copperheads--recorded some new tunes and wanted to release them on vinyl.  With two songs each, they opted to split a 7"--which sounds like sharing a sandwich but really just means each band gets one side of the record.  Due to some good fortune and previous connections through a concert Clint and I had been a part of promoting, the parties came together.  The best part?  The talent of these guys is matched only by their enthusiasm for this project and how genuinely easy they are to work with.  Clint and I both feel incredibly fortunate in this regard.

3.  After a lot of hard work, the record is finally being released this Friday at a record release party/show at VZD's in Oklahoma City!  Even if you aren't interested in the show for some ridiculous, un-American reason, I can assure you that the onion rings are the best in the city and reason enough to come out.  And if you don't like onion rings, there's always the pure pleasure of my company which I'm sure you'd enjoy.  And booze, too.  Let's not forget about that.

So no time to go on and on right now because the business of rock 'n' roll is surprisingly time consuming--especially when you have an actual full-time job on top of it!  But my playlists wait for no man--except me.  And I have one for you!  In the spirit of a week devoted to my nasty habit called rock 'n' roll, I present twelve songs in just a shade under 31 minutes--a dozen raw and strong rockers. Included at the top of the playlist are my favorite two songs (it's like a parent picking a favorite child) from my label's (it never gets old calling it that) inaugural release--one each from The Boom Bang and Copperheads.

Now sit back, relax, and give in to the power of rock.  It'll be gentle.  Unless it's not.  And even then, it'll still be great.

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