Monday, October 24, 2011

Playlist of the Week: Pivotalization

One of the lessons that stuck with me from learning to drive was that you always, always turn in to the skid--even though all your instincts tell you to turn away from it.  There's a reason the car is skidding and its only such an acknowledgement and acceptance of the force of your movement that will allow you to regain control.

My life is certainly not skidding out of control.  I hope not.  I still have so much on my DVR to catch up on.  But there's clearly a slight force of movement happening.  And its pushing me to embark on some risk and some discomfort, but that's alright.  Things are moving me in a slightly different direction.  But even a slight change in direction can create an entirely new trajectory.  Time to acknowledge and turn in to it.  Scary.  Good.  Hopefully, scary good.

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