Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Friday Video Reward: "Half Moon Street"

For some, happiness is a pitch-perfect rock song and a date with a beautiful English girl.  Or 7.

Artist: Pete and the Pirates

Song: "Half Moon Street"

The Non-MJR Review

Year of Release: 2011

Random Thoughts: In the grand English tradition of emotional juxtaposition, this is a song with some relatively tortured and brooding sentiments set against the backdrop of an unquestionably light and humorous music video (my favorite moment is when he looks at the bill for dinner).  I included this song on the "Heatwaver" playlist a few weeks back, and I can't help but feel that this band is one of my favorite "public secrets".  They're English and appear to have little--if any--exposure outside of their home country.  But I stand by my contention that they're the most underrated/underexposed English rock band going right now--a band whose sound harkens back to the better days of Britpop groups like Supergrass and Pulp quite effortlessly--all while establishing a delivery that is uniquely their own.

Enjoy your Friday and enjoy your weekend and enjoy the fact that you have this blog in your life.  You're welcome.

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