Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playlist of the Week: Beachwaver

I'm not trying to scoreboard you guys by telling you that I'm headed here this weekend.  But I'm headed here this weekend.  What are you doing this weekend?

For those of you familiar with me and familiar with this blog, you probably know that I travel a whole real super lot.  And while I know I'm sometimes guilty of "travel bitching", overall I know I'm pretty blessed to have the sweet gig that I do.  Having said that, I've flown enough regional jets, driven to enough places in the middle of nowhere, and dealt with enough random airplane "smells" to feel I've earned this.

Last year, I traveled to Europe in what turned out to be an unreal experience on so many levels--even the French didn't make me feel that bad about being American!  And while I'd never trade that experience for anything, the purpose of this trip is to do as little as possible.  Keep things simple.  Get drunk and fall asleep.  You know, the tenants of the American dream fully realized.  Just on a beach.  

We all need the beach at some point.  Or "the beach" as an idea or a mental refuge.  I am a generally happy and contented twenty-first century man.  And while I've learned that no vacation, short or long, can truly provide spiritual rest, it can at the very least give your brain some time to clear out a bit.  I am tethered to this machine and this phone and this e-mail and the web and the social network that just keeps broadening and I need a reboot, a mental cleansing, or cognitive enema, if you will.  Just with a few rum and tequila drinks thrown in for good measure.  Honestly, the part of the trip I'm looking forward to most is planting myself on the beach and just staring out in to creation.  Yes, I'll "check in" and status update and Twitpic at some point, but I will fiercely snatch some moments of human solitude where it's just me, the ocean, and God.

In this day and age, there is so little left that is just "ours" and is unshared with others.  Whether its in a tropical paradise or on your porch in the morning before the world begins to stir, I have no doubt that the procuring of solitary moments is vital to maintaining sanity.  So I wish you well and leave you with the playlist that will constitute my first musical moments on the beaches of San Juan.  Where the high will be 86 degrees.  Feel free to use the comments section to send your hate mail.  Love you.

Quick playlist highlights:

1.  Track 1: Brand new Real Estate song that was literally released as a free download (hint, hint) YESTERDAY from their forthcoming album Days.

2.  Track 3: Davila 666 is my favorite rock band from Puerto Rico and therefore had to be on this playlist.  Though let's be honest, there isn't a ton of competition for that distinction.  Puerto Rico's music offerings typically make me ashamed to be half Puerto Rican and thus, this band represents a tiny beacon of fun rock hope.

3.  Track 8: This pop magic from The Dandy Warhols is accompanied by one of the most awesomely ridiculous, absurd, and entertaining music videos of the 90's.  I challenge you to find a cooler music video with dancing syringes in it.

4.  Track 10: Remember when Beck used to be fun?  I do.  I wish he would come back.

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  1. There is something strangely parallel with your playlists and my life. I literally just listened to Washed Out for the first time 5 minutes before you posted this. This type of odd coincidence has happened with a couple of your playlists. It's almost as if you have a hidden camera in my house. WEIRD!