Monday, June 20, 2011

Playlist of the Week: 12NU432

A man should always be ready for a fight.  Or to bake a cake when needed.  Or maybe even some light vandalism.

I turned 32 this past Sunday.  It was excellent.  And while I typically don't feel different right after a birthday--like in that manner people refer to when asking if you "feel" older--this time is different.  Thirty-two should be just another fair-to-spare birthday along the road between thirty and forty.  But I feel different.  I feel better.  I feel--in some ways--like I've been rebooted.  Or at least thoroughly defragmented.  Thank you, God.  Thank you, family.  Thank you, friends.

That's all for this week.  My gift to you is a playlist of all new music (at least to me) that I'm pretty excited about.  Prepare to have your music pants blown up.  And a fair warning, there's a decent amount of electronic music this week.  I can only assure you that it's really, really good.  But don't worry, there ought to be just enough rock and pop (Walk the Moon, Sondre Lerche, The Midwest Beat, Black Lips, etc.) to tide you over.  Traveling to the beautiful cities of Austin and Memphis at the end of the week, so I thought I'd go ahead and deliver your audio candy a bit early before I fall in to a Tex-Mex/BBQ coma of some sort.  Seriously, listen to this playlist in the car if you can.  Take a drive or a take a run or get on the treadmill with it.  Most importantly, take a chance this week.  Oh, and take a chance on the music, too.

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