Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playlist of the Week: Groove Nocturnalism

The best poem I ever wrote was about Sarah Michelle Gellar.  But I can't find that one.

Groove Nocturnalism

Let me assure you that this is a tribute to us all as well as to them—even if you don’t see it at first, you will

Chances are, you grasp for your sanity or your liberation privately in that way that we all do sometimes.  You turn it on.  You turn it up.  You dance and dance and dance and dance and dance

Dancing is an expression that goes all the way back and up and down and in our souls and in our hearts for years past and ahead of us.   It’s like bowling or pool or love—the joy, the honor, the point is in the effort and the action of it all.  It doesn’t matter how well-versed or skilled you are at it.  You do it on your feet or in your car or in your bed and in your dreams, high flyer

“Sing-along songs will be our scriptures” is a line I lock up and keep real close and I move and move and try to capture it all while letting it all go

Or maybe I’m just celebrating my eternal freedom through God or my temporary freedom in the night from work and heartbreak and obligations to all that I am and need to be before it’s too late

Underneath it all is the goal—the goal to slay all that can be slayed and realize all that is dreamed.  Keep moving and don’t forget to smile because no one likes a morose man in these present times

Never—I repeat never—forget that they’re called pieces because they can be put together again

Dance with and because of this knowledge and then forget about it all so you can just dance and absorb that beat and that groove that’s calling you so fiercely tonight

So much of the darkness in my heart is given up in these moments and something better than hope appears

You all know the mechanism--the procedure for mending that heart but never know when you are finished until you do and then it's time

Such is the time for me, I can finally say—a feeling built on more than faith that it will eventually be alright.  But instead on the manifestation of peace in my heart as my feet move to the beat of Daft Punk transitioning with jarring brilliance to Justice!

Take this groove nocturnalism in a moment of your choosing and be satisfied with it all—even if only for a few moments

Everyone deserves a break and a beat.  Beat-BEAT-beat-BEAT-beat-BEAT-beat…faster and then sloooooower and then fast again

My turn is concluded and I hope you see the message and the MESSAGE as well as any other greater truths that may find their way to you this night because of or despite all this

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