Friday, February 4, 2011

Playlist of the Week: Polarizationing

Is this Minnesota this week?  Or Oklahoma this week?  And would you bet your life today on that answer?

Short bursts of thought on things or music or this playlist--which is appropriate for my currently disjointed state of mind while I watch Snowstorm of Doom 2011 unfold:

1.  I know I've come late to the Bon Iver party, but I dig it (thanks, Ms. Swanholm).  Having said that, lead singer Justin Vernon is obviously using a fake voice.  The fact that I still like it despite this bit is a strong testament to their quality.

2.  I've received lots of questions lately from friends regarding the upcoming rock concert my friends and I are producing/promoting and I tried to answer many of them in my previous blog entry.  But the question I get the most is, "Will I like this kind of music?".  And my answer to you is two-fold.  1) If you like good ol' fashioned rock 'n' roll, there's no reason you wouldn't enjoy it and 2) If a simple Google search is too difficult for you, I've included a Nobunny song on both THIS playlist and a previous playlist.

3.  The Joy Formidable is the most promising chick-fronted rock band I've heard in years.  Is that a somewhat sexist statement?  Probably.  But is it true?  I think so.

4.  This is one of the most beautiful music videos I've ever seen--and especially meaningful to me because the band--Cat's Eyes (whose debut LP comes out in the next month or so)--performs this live at The Vatican--a place I visited last summer on a day that I can only describe as the best and worst kind of day.  Oh, and this song is also on this playlist.  And it's pretty great on its own.

5.  Interpol in TulsaWilco in Denton at UNT.  And of course, Nobunny in Oklahoma City.  I'm establishing a pretty solid live music agenda for the year.  You should join me.  Unless I don't want you to.  But otherwise, totally.

6.  Wayne's World still holds up.

7.  A proclamation: I just made it through three days in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  I shall not let this weather keep me from the bar and friends and Friday happy hour--even if it means dragging some of you there myself, dammit.

Here's your playlist.  All this snow for a southern boy produces a playlist as divided as his sanity is at present. First half, up-tempo rock. Second half, slows it down for your winter state of mind.  Some new, some old.  It's all over the place.  Like you.  Like me.  Stay warm.  Whiskey helps.

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