Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playlist of the Week: Broken Wingedness

I am handicapable!  Ish.

Right wrist broken. Economy of words blogging philosophy to commence for 6-8 weeks. The playlists must go on.  P.S. Rollerskating is dangerous.

Thoughts for the week:

Using an iPhone app that listens to my words and types them out the results should be somewhat interesting

Generally speaking people are nicer to you when you have one less usable arm.

God definitely has a sense of humor but I think with a purpose.

Everything becomes slower everything becomes more methodical. Everything becomes a way that I never done things before

More phone calls more direct conversation more personal interaction less text messaging less e-mailing

It is hard to type it is hard to text and yet ironically everyone text messages to ask me if there's any way that they can help

But that's okay I still love you guys

A different perspective a character building opportunity chance to relearn what I already learned

Putting on belts is surprisingly hard taking out my contacts and putting them back in a surprisingly easy

God definitely has a sense of humor. And this is good for me somehow and he knows that and deep down I know that to

Good music still helps new Radiohead definitely helps

31 -year-old man probably shouldn't be rollerskating especially 31 -year-old man is clumsy as me

Fitter happier more productive. Giggle

Yes I chose the song one wing for this playlist intentionally I pretty much had to include that song don't you think. The song works and is true on so many levels

Never been so glad to be left-handed and all my life. He could've been my left hand or my leg or my head I am so incredibly blessed

Music on this blog will stay good even if writing isn't

Goodbye. Love you listen to playlists. Enjoy. Let me know what you think  try to do better next time at being more interesting

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