Sunday, December 26, 2010

Playlist of the Week: 2010 Favoritism

Picking twelve has its pros and cons, but overall it's a pretty good number.  No, I am not comparing myself to Jesus.  Yes, I believe I have a God-given talent for making great playlists.  Probably as a consolation for not making me gifted at math.  Or matching clothes.

Part 1.  Part A.  The beginning.  Maybe just the preface.  Or the beginning of the end of 2010.  I can't figure out how I want to start this, but since I just type in an akward/sexy stream of consciousness manner, I suppose that it will all take care of itself.  Part 1/A/beginning/preface of what you ask?  Ah yes, this entry is the beginning/introduction of the highly anticipated M.J.R.M.B.Y.I.M.2010 (I'll let you figure that acronym out all by yourself.  I have faith in you.  Ish.)--as well as my effort to fulfill my contractual (in my head) obligation to crank out another bravely-sculpted playlist.  The anticipation of my year end best-ofs/harsh judgements is literally growing at about the same rate as the number of your Facebook friends who are changing their profile pictures to pictures of their kids because they think anybody else but them cares*.  Literally.  So with that sobering scientific conclusion in mind, what are we to do about your great need to rock, my friends?

Now I know for many of you, this is the beginning of that slightly sad post-Christmas afterglow.  The decorations are coming down, the copies of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation are being put away, the resentment over the inappropriate comment/gesture your mother/significant other made at dinner/Christmas Eve church service while drunk/high is finally subsiding--and for reasons you can't quite grasp, you're feeling a bit empty.  But have no fear, the man of your dreams if he looked like Jared Leto/George Clooney/insert any Twilight actor here is here to pull that proverbial Red Ryder 200 Shot Range Model Air Rifle from behind that desk in the corner of your heart's desire.  I give you... so lovingly and tenderly, my favorite dozen songs of 2010--highlighted in some of their own all their heartbreak, humor, weirdness, straightforwardness, vagueness--and beauty.  Oh yeah, this is art and absolutely not a cheap way of me getting out of writing more original content for this entry.  And yeah, there's still a playlist, too.  Be back soon with M.J.R.M.B.Y.I.M.2010.  Until then, plug in your ear phones and listen real good like.

"It's always the same as always.  Sad and tongue tied.  It's got a memory and refrain..."/"No nothin' was planned.  You just can't help yourself.  Some people are so easily shuffled and dealt."/"Life rolled us over like a town car...Bruised up and busted to the ground...The Lord came down and said to me...'Throw off your worries and be at peace...'"/"So I had to make up my mind.  And hold it for a while.  I would not just leave you without a kiss.  But I guess there must come a time.  When there's no more tears to cry."/"And we can no longer afford.  Waiting for someone to lift this terrible swift sword.  In our basements, we all look so bored.  We've never seen the glory of the coming of the Lord."/Water moccasins crawlin' through my "Hell yeah!".  I know I'm all alone."/"Words will break us down.  Where you can't make a sound.  And tear you along every different line.  And spit it away."/"In my heart I feel so high.  I wanna know the answers why.  I ask so many questions they let me go.  They hang up the telephone."/"All I know is that I think I know.  So they can't live forever.  Playing games and choosing sides.  'Til all that's left to do is go berserk./"Don't call your mom to tell her I'm a demon.  She'll say you're wrong and end up screaming.  She knows I'm strong. And that I won't say goodbye."/"And sing your songs.  Sing them all night baby.  If it's out of key, well nobody's perfect.  And you don't know how to stop it all .  You just don't know how to stop it at all .  And you don't know how to stop it.  But morning will turn, turn everything back to gold."/"Put an ocean and a river between everybody else.  Between everything, yourself, and home.  Put an ocean and a river.  Between everything, yourself, and home."

*My friend Julie is an exception to the snide comments about my other friends I so casually insulted since she just gave birth to twins and the sheer physical exertion of that feat alone warrants just about any form of boasting she cares for.

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