Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Quick Music Good: Spoon

Not a full blog, but just the chance to call your attention to some good strong gold when it's found.  This is a new video from Spoon--one of my favorite bands who currently sit atop my ranking of all bands I love that I've never seen in concert.  They're from Austin!  How is this possible?  But I digress.  Unlike most music videos, this was recorded "live" meaning that it's not a simple lip sync from the album track.  Shot in black and white (I swear it looks like they snuck in to the Wilco documentary I Am Trying to Break Your Heart), note how they've elected to perform in front of mirrors.  The song is called "Written in Reverse", so this little visual trick is a not so veiled attempt to stick with the theme of the title.  However, it also serves to make this four piece look much larger and nearly tricks your mind into believing the sound is even bigger.  Of course, my simple mind is easily led astray.  This song is from Spoon's new album called Transference--an excellent album that I like to classify as a "grower".  I thought it was pretty good upon first listen, but its layers and clever nature have been revealed more and more with subsequent listens and I can't wait to get home to Oklahoma City today so that I can finally listen to it on vinyl.  Have a good strong weekend, kids.  Love you.  Now enjoy five good minutes.  You've earned it.

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