Monday, December 21, 2009

Workout Playlist of the Week (Christmas Week 2009 Edition)

Nothing embodies the greatness of the holidays more than peer pressure.

So I had dinner with the previously referenced Angiepants last night and she offered some pretty valuable feedback on my blog.  Who knew women enjoyed offering their opinion on a wide variety of things, eh?  Anyway, she's been a great supporter of this little project from the beginning and I feel like her insight, taste, and judgment make her someone worth listening to when it comes to my ideas, writing, etc.  She rather enjoys the concept of the "Workout Playlist of the Week", but she offered the idea that I might be better served to mix up the theme a bit moving forward--the idea being that I shouldn't always feel like I have to come up with "upbeat" or workout friendly songs each week.  Maybe there could be a "Make-out Playlist" or a "Winter Weather Playlist" or a "Sex We're Both Going to Regret Tomorrow Playlist".  You get the idea.  More themes = more diversity of music = Awesometown.  I mean, that is just math.  So I'm thinking of changing the weekly posting to "Playlist of the Week" while including a "Workout Playlist" once a month (starting after this week, of course)?  Sound good?  Good.  Again, thank you to both of my readers.  And get that exercise in this week before your entire diet becomes an odd combination of ham, turkey, candy, and nog.  Hehehe.  Nog.

Oh, and here's your playlist.  I personally think it's a step up from last week.  Now get that fine ass moving!  Safe travels and I hope you get the Imperial Walker I wanted but never got.  Thanks a lot, Bin Laden (Mom).


  1. All I can say Rob, is that your mom must have been a patient woman; maybe a candidate for canonization.

    Personally, I like the idea, but do you think you can make that many playlists? I don't know that I listen to that much new music in a week. :-)

  2. Brian, I have a ton of music. The toughest thing for me will be to stick to a schedule--not find enough music. And if you can't tell I'm a creative mastermind by now... And yes, my mother is a saint. For sure.